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SMA-0.75 Lab basket mill (manual lift)

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1. Suitable for dispersing and grinding small amount of materials in the laboratory;

2. Imported high-quality frequency converter, stepless speed regulation;

3. Standard 2.8l clip grinding cylinder. Stainless steel lapping containers of various sizes with clamps for cooling or heating;

4. The vessel is sealed in the grinding process and can be evaluated at any time through the sampling hole;

5. Easy to clean and quick change of materials;

6. Optional explosion-proof property;

7.CE and ISO 9001:2000 certification;


1. Motor power: 750W;

2. Voltage: 220V, 50Hz, or according to customer requirements;

3. Speed range: 0 ~ 2880r/min;

4. Grinding basket capacity: 50ml;

5. Treatment capacity: 800-5000ml (water as medium);

6. Material contact: SS304 or SS316L;

7. Medium viscosity: below 2000cps;

8. Manual lifting method;

Laboratory small wet grinding equipment, grinding effect is good, stable performance, high efficiency, convenient cleaning, easy to change materials, widely used in factories, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, such as wet grinding experiment and pigment, dyestuff, printing ink, ink, printing ink, paint, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other requirements for fineness high industry's small batch trial production.

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