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5L full automatic filling machine

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Product features

1. Wide application range, filling capacity from 0.5L to 5L. The operation is simple, can change the cover of different specifications, suitable filling head, pressure, screw cap mechanism, adjust the width of the guardrail, can almost adapt to all kinds of containers, various viscosity materials filling. According to customer requirements, powder filler head can be used, powder filling. So as to achieve multi-purpose;

2. Fast and high precision filling speed, 5L barrel speed can reach 10-12 barrels per minute;

3. Capable of removing empty barrels to the chain channel, removing filled barrels from the chain channel and realizing full automatic;

4. Intelligent touch screen human-machine interface, easy to operate;

5. The external structure of the filling machine adopts transparent material, which is more conducive to the operator's observation, adjustment and maintenance under the precondition of beauty. Through industrial design, the equipment is beautiful and elegant, compact and exquisite, covering a small area;

6. The electricity, gas, PLC, touch screen and various sensors used are all well-known international brands;

7. Compact structure, small footprint, only one person is needed to operate and reduce cost;

8. The equipment can be equipped with automatic bucket sorting units, labeling units, code printing units and packing and piling units as required by the user to form an automatic filling production line;


Non-standard customized service can be provided according to customer requirements.

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