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Product introduction

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Full automatic filling machine

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Product introduction

The automatic filling system of the complete airtight integrated coating production equipment has realized automatic barrel sorting, automatic weighing and filling, automatic capping and automatic stacking, completely liberating the labor force.

Product features

1. Fully automatic barrel sorting and bucket extraction equipment is adopted to accelerate the conveying speed 

The equipment is fully automatic from the drawing of the paint bucket. It only needs to put the paint bucket of the same specification and model in the designated position neatly. The professional manipulator will take out one package bucket each time accurately and send the package bucket to the bottom of the filling nozzle through the power track.

2. Double-end accurate filling, single line filling production is large

The automatic filling device is equipped with an automatic meter, which will fill the coating directly into the package bucket transferred to the package bucket according to the preset standard set by the filling nozzle. The whole process is accurate and quick, which will not cause waste of materials or environmental pollution. The packaging barrel of the coating is transferred to the next link through the power track.

3. Automatic sealing and upper cover, one by one

The barrel filled with good standard amount of coating is accurately sent to the automatic capping machine. Through the mechanical arm, the capping machine absorbs one drum cover each time and accurately places it on the barrel filled with good coating. The automatic sealing machine immediately works together to accurately squeeze the drum cover and seal the filling good coating. At this point, the package of a barrel of paint is basically completed;

4. Automatic stacking and placing pallets

The packaging bucket of good coating is sealed and delivered to the automatic stacker. The automatic stacker accurately absorbs and places the package bucket filled with paint into the set tray by a professional mechanical hand. When the number of paint barrels in the tray reaches the specified number, the manipulator will automatically transport the tray to the designated position. This technology can not only save more than 80% of labor cost, reduce human waste and environmental pollution, but also greatly accelerate the production speed, making the whole filling process easier, more accurate and more professional.


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