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Cosmetic production equipment


Cosmetic production equipment
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Cosmetics category is rich and usually by part usage it can divide into: hair cosmetics, skin cosmetic, lip, eye and nail cosmetics; oral cavity cosmetics. Also by product form, it can divide into emulsion agent, salve, powder agent and spray agent etc.


For liquid cosmetics, it mainly concerns emulsification process. It has hydrophilia, lipophilicity, titanium dioxide, talcum powder etc powder. It must adopt good blending-emulsification and suitable mixing unit if mixing as a whole.


Sower provides machine integrating vacuum defoaming, mixing, homogenizing, heating or cooling, PLC control etc function, which is an ideal equipment for producing middle and high grade paste, honey etc. It can meet different process production requirement. Vacuum defoaming sterilizes material and it sucks material by vacuuming, especially for powder material, to prevent powder flying;


Sower is professional for various kinds cosmetics production line. Sower owns several patents for emulsifier and masters GMP standard, also has comprehensive experience from mixing, homogenizing, filling to CIP cleaning and can provide general contract service for complete production line.

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