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SWXJ-1000L Planetary agitator

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Planetary mixer usually contains two stirring blades and a wall blade, two planets stirring blades and move around public axis along the container wall around its own axis of rotation, go round blade around the inner wall of the container, take away the container wall material, and take the material to the middle, after a circle operation blade has passed the whole container, 3 laps after most of the material has been fully mixed, the only 36, and all the material had been completely mixed evenly.

1. Highly efficient and versatile equipment integrating reaction, mixing, mixing and dispersing;

2. Applicable to the production process of liquid-liquid, solid-liquid, paste, powder paste and material density, large proportion, from low viscosity to high viscosity (1.5 million Cps) in various industries;

3. Soft (trapezoidal) seal between mechanical seal and kettle body, enabling materials to operate under vacuum;

4. The kettle can be heated by electricity, steam, water and oil circulation. There is a special temperature detection device on the transmission shaft.

6. The internal wall of the cauldron is machined by the lathe and automatically polished by the large polishing machine to ensure that the material on the internal wall of the cauldron is completely suspended while the movable scraper on the planetary shelf is rotating;

7. The in-box agitator in the kettle rotates at the same time of revolution, making the material flow up and down and around, thus achieving the mixing (mixing) effect in a very short time, which is more than ten times of that of the ordinary mixer;

8. The revolution, rotation and wall scraper of the stirrer in the kettle are adjusted by frequency conversion.

9. Optional extruder;

10. Different mixing forms can be selected according to different processes. Non-standard design, customized;

model volume barrel diameter stirring power stirring power revolution speed decentralized power dispersion speed
SWXJ-1000 1000 1266 55 40 65 75 1440


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