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SWXJ Planetary mixers

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Operating Principle:

The blades each rotate on their own axes, and at the same time on a common axis, thereby providing complete mixing in a very short timeframe.



This mixer is ideal for mixing and kneading viscous pastes (up to 6 million centipoise) under atmospheric or vacuum conditions. Capacities range from 1/2-pint through 750 gallons. Many options including jacketing for heating or cooling, vacuum or pressure, vari speed drives, etc. are available.


Applicable Industries:

foods, chemicals, electronics, plastics, pigments, adhesives and pharmaceuticals



1. It is high efficient, multifunctional equipment combining reaction, mixing, blending and dispersion.

2. Suitable for the production process of liquid-liquid, solid-liquid, ointment-ointment, powder-ointment and materials with huge difference of density and proportion or from low to high viscosity (1,500,000Cps).

3. The mechanical seal and (echelon) soft seal between the vessels enable the materials to be processed under vacuum condition.

4. The vessel body can be heated by electricity, steam, water or oil. The peculiar temperature sensor on the driving shaft ensures the temperature error under ±1℃,

5. The jacket structure facilitates heating up and cooling down.

6. The vessel inner wall is processed by lathe and then automatically polished by the big polishing machine, ensuring the rotating kinetic scraper thoroughly scraps off the materials stuck on the inner wall.

7. The agitators will rotate as it revolves to thoroughly mix the materials. The mixing effect will be obtained within a short period with more than ten times faster than normal mixer.

8. The rotation and revolution of the agitator and the scraper are all controlled by the inverter.

9. It can be equipped with the extruder.

10. Different mixing forms are available as options according to different process.

Model Volume(L) Power(kW) Revolution speed(rpm) Stirring speed(rpm) Dispersing power(kW) Dispersing speed(rpm)
SWXJ-2 2 0.75 52 64 0.75 2900
SWXJ-5 5 1.1 63 99 1.1 2900
SWXJ-10 10 1.5 52 82 1.1 2900
SWXJ-20 20 2.2 62 95 1.5 2900
SWXJ-30 30 3 53 82 2.2 2900
SWXJ-60 60 5.5 50 80 11 2880
SWXJ-100 100 7.5 60 90 15 2880
SWXJ-200 200 15 52 83 22 2840
SWXJ-300 300 22 40 65 30 2500
SWXJ-500 500 37 35 56 45 2240
SWXJ-1000 1000 55 40 65 75 1440

SWXJ Planetary mixer is special for high viscosity & density materials,such as putty,paste,adhesive,silica gel,lithium battery slurry etc.It has different combinations of mixing heads, such as low speed agitator with scraper or high speed disperser and low speed agitator with scraper,It realizes rotation and revolution of high speed disperser & low speed agitator with adequately mixing and dispersing in a short time.

The tank for planetary mixer is especially processed by super lather and super polisher to accomplish the work of scraper and extruder.During mixing,scraper will scrape off all the materials from the wall of tank to ensure no residue. During discharging,extruder will math the tank perfectly to make sure no dead corner or residue in the tank.

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