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Room 2901,BM InterContinental Business Center, No. 500 HengfengRoad, Shanghai, China

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Forge ahead, sower enterprises fully resume work
Sower has successfully signed a large resin project
Shanghai Sower chemical engineering design institute is a professional and excellent general contractor of EPC. After years of accumulation and development, our company has become an enterprise w
Sower established a pesticide production line for a key pesticide production enterprise in shanxi
At the beginning of August 2012, Sower began to cooperate with a pesticide company in shanxi. The EPC project invested about 100 million yuan in establishing a pesticide production line with an annual
Sower undertakes multinational large - scale construction coating EPC project
In February 2014, Sower signed the EPC general contract project of building coating with annual output of 20,000 tons with a Russian group. Construction began in March this year and will be complete
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