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Automatic bag opening and unloading station can realize automatic bag breaking and automatic feeding, and the discharging is clean, thorough and efficient. All operations are carried out in a closed e
The small bag unloading station makes the material fall into the hopper by gravity through manual bagging and dumping, and the dust generated during the operation is effectively filtered by the dust
The ton bag unpacking & discharge station makes the powder and granular materials fall into the storage hopper by gravity through lifting the ton bag onto the discharge outlet, unpacking feed opening
Vacuum conveyor is a kind of conveyance equipment for conveying particles and powder materials with the aid of vacuum suction. Using venturi tube as the power source, it can adapt to the high standard
Vacuum conveyor is a kind of conveyance equipment of conveying particles and powder materials by means of vacuum suction. Electric pump is used as power source, and the conveying distance and batch ar
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