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SFG type liquid explosion-proof filling machine

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Function: for filling high viscosity fluid, equipped with filter, diaphragm pump, optional with conveyor line, cover press and other devices.

Applicable industry: mainly for materials required for explosion protection, such as oil flammable agent, ink, oil paint, lubricant, phenol, acetone, alcohol and other explosive chemical products

Main components: the computer quantitative filler has five parts: filling system, weighing system, frame, pneumatic control and electrical control system.

Feeding mode: continuous and stable feeding is required; (pressurized feed with a feed pump or hopper)

Filling method: ordinary regular filling and lifting and diving filling; (select when ordering as required)

Electric control system: adopt intelligent control instrument, high control precision, good stability, all electrical components meet the explosion-proof requirements. High precision explosion-proof sensor is used in the weighing system. Rack support filling system; Pneumatic control system controls fast and slow feed valve.


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