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Sower successfully signed the special prepolymer production device design project


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Sower successfully signed the special prepolymer production device design project

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After careful investigation and communication, the suzhou factory of a multinational company signed the project contract of special prepolymer production device design with sauve in June 2014. Detailed design work has been carried out and drawings and design documents have been submitted to the customer. Get ready for the next phase of work.

According to the requirements of the owner, in combination with his own experience and technology, sorvey carefully designed and optimized the production equipment factory that meets the requirements in the mind of the customer. He has accumulated a lot of experience in fine chemical process, equipment and engineering technology. Different from the traditional engineering design unit, it can directly provide the owner with perfect process package service, process design, scheme design and basic design. Good design capacity and professional standard technical services, won the trust and recognition of the owner.

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