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Sower to undertake hubei special anticorrosive paint production equipment smooth completion


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Sower to undertake hubei special anticorrosive paint production equipment smooth completion

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In 2014, the PLC system of special anticorrosive coating designed by sauvay for a large scientific and technological company in hubei province was successfully completed, and the equipment and the factory building entered the debugging stage.

The company research and development team in advanced polymer crosslinking polymerization theory and production process on the basis of continuous innovation, use, including nanometer materials, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy instrument, advanced materials and inspection technology, developed a superior performance, advanced technology, with independent intellectual property rights is a 100% solids structural polyurethane new materials and coating technology, the product is the top products in the domestic industry.

By virtue of years of project design experience in fine chemical industry (including fertilizer, coating, paint, polyester etc.), sauvay provides the customer with services ranging from factory design to supply and installation of complete sets of equipment. The completion of this project greatly promoted and led the technical progress of the industry, and created a new milestone in the field of anticorrosive coating.

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