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SLR emulsion asphalt complete set equipment



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SLR emulsion asphalt complete set equipment

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1. Advanced high-shear technology can be used to produce various emulsified bitumen (including SBR and SBS modified emulsified bitumen). The bituminous particles produced are small in fineness and high in homogenization.

2. The whole set of equipment is mounted on the automobile plate, which is fast, convenient and can also be designed on the side.

3. Accurate flow control system: the whole system is composed of flow meter, Japanese mitsubishi frequency converter, speed-regulating motor, etc., which has the characteristics of high control accuracy and reliable operation of equipment.

4. The soap system (consisting of a soap tank, a soap pump, a valve, a pipeline and a heating system, etc.) is made of stainless steel with features of corrosion resistance and long service life.

5. Heating medium of the system adopts heat conduction oil heating.

6. The automatic temperature control system composed of electromagnetic valve and temperature control instrument can ensure the accurate temperature control within the set range.

7. Solenoid valve operation is used to switch between two soap tanks, which makes the operation more convenient.

Product features

1. Easy to operate, stable performance, good emulsifying homogeneity, uniform distribution of fineness and particle size, high production efficiency, convenient cleaning, reasonable structure, high degree of automation with less floor space.

2. Stepless speed adjustment, speed display, optional automatic control, 3-30 tons/hour can be designed and manufactured according to different customer requirements.


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