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Solvay ink set equipment

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The ink characteristic is the viscosity is bigger, the factory and the whole set of equipment needs the explosion-proof design, the different ink USES the different agitation form combination, the aid, the color pulp or the titanium powder and so on raw material variety is many, has the accurate measurement demand. After mixing, dispersing and mixing, the product is ground or ground by three rollers. In foshan, guangdong province, sauvage provides the general contract service for a domestic ink manufacturer with an annual output of 3000-5000t. It manufactures seven different ink production lines and all single-machine equipment for small batch production.

The process is briefly

1. Various pigments and auxiliaries are measured in different forms according to the dosage and sent to the intermediate metering tank or stirring kettle in different order

2. If powder is needed, it can be transported to the stirred tank by means of winch hoisting or air transport, which can be weighed and measured

3. According to different material properties and process requirements, different combination forms such as dispersion, emulsification and anchor stirring are selected for mixing and preliminary processing of materials in stirred tank

4. Some types of ink can be dispersed and processed directly into a finished product, while some types need to go through basket grinding, sand grinding or three-roll grinding machine to become finished products

5. The finished product is made into the finished product through the semi-automatic or fully automatic filling machine (used in the factory with a large batch of single varieties) designed for printing ink.


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