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Resin complete production equipment



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Resin complete production equipment

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We provide complete sets of equipment for the production of rosin resin, phenolic resin, amino acid resin and emulsion for emulsion paint. With reasonable design and advanced technology, customers can consult our sales engineer according to annual capacity and specific technical requirements.


Basic equipment configuration

Part of the


The main reaction kettle

 Use carbon steel, stainless steel and glass as needed

 Stirring system: blade type, anchor type, turbine type

 Stirring system: blade type, anchor type, turbine type

 Seal system: mechanical seal, packing seal

Condensation backflow equipment

Vertical condenser

 Horizontal condenser


Dilution tank

 Use carbon steel, stainless steel and glass as needed

Heating system

 Steam heating

 Hot water heating

 Heat conducting oil phase heating

Purification equipment

 Plate and frame filter press, vertical plate filter press, tube high-speed separation machine

Electrical control system

 Manual, semi-automatic and automatic control


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Address: room 2901, baomine intercontinental business center, no. 500 hengfeng road, zhabei district, Shanghai

Zip code: 200070

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Phone:+86 21 6317 1155

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