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Automatic liquid feed system

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As a common form of industrial raw materials, the automation level of liquid feed is related to production control, output efficiency and product quality. The improvement of feeding automation level will greatly promote the efficiency of industrial production in related fields.

This equipment has a high degree of automatic monitoring, which has solved the previous shortcomings such as poor accuracy of manual batching, unstable quality and poor statistical management. At the management level, this system has realized the database management and network management, which can connect with the factory management network, transmit the production data to the factory management network in real time, and realize the backup, query, statistics, printing and other functions of data, which greatly improves the factory management level.

It is the most effective means to improve the yield rate and quality of products to optimize the process, improve the process control accuracy and control method in the production process. Of course, this is also the most direct way to reduce the production cost of enterprises and enhance the core competitiveness of their products.

The automatic system of liquid ingredients feeding is widely used, mainly involving industries such as coating, ink, cosmetics, leather, medicine, etc., which infuses the new power and brings the leap and progress of the whole industry and even the industry to which it belongs.


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