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Powder conveying, measuring and feeding system

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Product introduction:

Solway provides you with a comprehensive solution for powder conveying, loading, metering and packaging. If you need our help and advice, please call us at 021-63538710 to see if our technical solution is beneficial to you.


Our services include:

According to your existing equipment and plant layout, we will provide you with full automatic closed chemical production line including powder conveying system, and provide you with powder conveying and feeding system for your new factory.


We truly understand your needs:

1. The addition of some powders is large, which requires high conveying speed

2. The powder is easy to remain and clog in the pipe

3. Multi-variety powder shall be added flexibly

4. Convenient and high precision measurement is required

5. Powder conveying equipment needs easy cleaning and maintenance

Hope to overcome the problem of dust flying and serious pollution

And so on...


Solvay powder solutions six systems, to meet your needs

Feed and storage system

Distribution and measurement system

Delivery and redistribution system

Powder packaging system

Dust removal and recovery system

Automatic control system


Sauvage has provided perfect solutions for paint, ink, building materials, daily chemical, mining, metallurgy, rubber and other industries that need to transport powder, which has provided possibility for automatic production, guaranteed environmental safety and greatly improved production efficiency. Due to the leading position of solvay pneumatic conveying technology in China, process industry, a famous British industry magazine, published the technological achievements of solvay


You can contact us by below ways. Sower will do our best to provide you an excellent service

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