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Detailed introduction

Using for wet grinding tests in factories, research institutes, universities or small lot pre-production in the industries with high fineness requirement.

Operating Principle:
The agitator shaft activates the grinding media with high intensity through the whole grinding chamber. The highly efficient devices are suitable for product separation and grinding media, which ensures that the mill also has the capability of operating high viscous materials.


1. High efficiency, strong operability
2. Suitable for materials with viscosities below 20,000 cps
3. Non-discoloring and no pollution of the raw material
4. With CE & ISO9001:2000 qualifications

1. Power supply:220V/380V, 50Hz
2. Speed: 0-2,200rpm, variable frequency stepless speed regulation
3. Material: contacting liquids: SUS304; of wear resistant parts: precision zirconia ceramic
4. Grinding medium: pure zirconia bead of 1.0mm in diameter;
5. Volume of grinding chamber: 0.5L
6. Grinding capacity: 0.35~5L
7. Extreme grinding fineness: 0.3μm
8. Pumping: self-contained pumping system
9. Material vessel: 0.8L
10 Overall dimensions: 600×250×500mm (L×W×H)
11. Weight: 20kg

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