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        • 产品名称: SWJB Lab mixing equipment
        • 产品编号: 4003
        • 上架时间: 2015-09-24
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        The laboratory equipment mainly used for mixing materials in order to prevent sedimentation.


        Applicable Industries:

        Scientific research, universities, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, architectural coatings and other industries with small batch production.



            The unit is easy to operate and clean

            With stable performance

            Good uniformity

            High efficiency

            Reasonable structure

            Small footprint and high degree of automation

        Technical parameters

        1. The main vessel is equipped with the triple blender to simplify transmission structure, reduce the seal link and save the installation space. All transmission components are in strict accordance with the technological requirements of sophisticated production.

        2. The mechanical seal is specially designed so it is always under sealed and clean condition with full lubrication. Even at high temperature and high speed circumstances, the sealing of the main vessel is stable and reliable as usual.

        3. Stirring speed: 0 ~ 100rpm, with frequency conversion stepless speed adjustment; the mixing time can be programmed.

        4. The slow speed scraper automatically gets close to the wall of the vessel when at work and does not contact the wall while idling, thus to extend its life.

        5. The vacuum valve is used for feeding the powder material, so that there is no flying dust or uneven mixing.

        6. The entire process is in the ultra-low vacuum environment to eliminate the bubbles in the material caused by high-speed mixing, and to achieve the health, sterile requirements of the special pharmacy.

        7. The main vessel is equipped with CIP cleaning system, and the parts of the container in contact with the raw materials are made of imported high quality SS304 or SUS316L mirror polished. Their roughness reaches the health level 300EMSH.

        8. The unit is manufactured in full compliance with the GMP requirements.