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        • 产品名称: SWFS Superpower Disperser
        • 产品编号: 1121
        • 上架时间: 2015-09-22
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        Function: Disperser aims at grinding, dispersing, emulsifying and mixing for different viscosity of raw materials, through high-speed running of the up-and-down teeth of the dispersion impeller, to give materials high-speed for strong shear.

        Effect: Quick dissolving, mixing, dispersing, fining.


        1. Suitable for industrial mass production
        2. Hydraulic lift is stable and reliable
        3. High-quality frequency converter and speed reducer, optional speed control property, constant torque
        4. Customized hermetical and explosion-proof properties
        5. Floor and platform mounting styles are available for choices
        6. Belt, pneumatic and manual clamps are available for choices
        7. With CE & ISO 9001:2000 qualifications


        Model Power Rotation speed Processing capacity Dispersion disc diameter Weight
        SWFS-110 110KW 0-960r/min 800-6000L 600 5500kg
        SWFS-132 132KW 0-960r/min 800-8000L 650 5800kg
        SWFS-175 175KW 0-960r/min 800-10000L 750 7000kg

        1. The largest processing volume takes water as reference
        2. Non-standard models available for high temperature, high pressure, explosive, inflammable, and corrosive environments.

        This machine is suitable for material dispersing, mixing, blending and other production processes.

        You can raise processing amount, equipment form, size requirements or the property of the materials you need to process. Sower's sales engineers will provide you with the solutions to your satisfaction.

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