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        • 产品名称: SWDGN Dispersion Vessels
        • 产品编号: 1109
        • 上架时间: 2015-09-21
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        Function: Dispersion vessel is the combination of low-speed mixer and high-speed disperser, which is suitable for processing the thixotropic and high viscosity of the material. (mixing, dissolving and blending various materials)


        1. More sufficient processing of the material
        2. Placed on platform
        3. With CE & ISO 9001:2000 qualifications


        Model Processing capacity Power Rotation speed Mix dia. Dis. power Dis. speed Weight
        SWDGN-2 2m³ 7.5kW 61r/min 1300mm 18.5kW 0-1440r/min 2.2kg
        SWDGN-3 3m³ 11kW 43r/min 1500mm 30kW 0-1440r/min 3kg
        SWDGN-5 5m³ 15kW 35r/min 1700mm 45kW 0-1440r/min 4kg
        SWDGN-6 6m³ 18.5kW 35r/min 1700mm 55kW 0-1440r/min 4.5kg
        SWDGN-8 8m³ 22kW 23r/min 1900mm 75kW 0-960 r/min 5.8kg
        SWDGN-10 10m³ 30kW 23r/min 2100mm 90kW 0-960 r/min 6.2kg
        SWDGN-12 12m³ 30kW 17r/min 2300mm 110kW 0-960 r/min 7.5kg

        1. The largest processing volume takes water as reference
        2. Non-standard models available for high temperature, high pressure, explosive, inflammable, and corrosive environments.                                

        This machine is suitable for material dispersing, mixing, blending and other production processes.

        You can raise processing amount, equipment form, size requirements or the property of the materials you need to process. Sower's sales engineers will provide you with the solutions to your satisfaction.

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