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        • 产品名称: SNRS 3-stage high shear inline emulsification pumps
        • 产品编号: 3203
        • 上架时间: 2015-09-17
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        Operating Principle:
        Through the precise combination of the stator, the emulsion pump is able to produce the powerful shear force during the high speed rotation, in order to make the material which can achieve the effect of mixing, crushing and emulsifying


        1. A number of liquid disperse and emulsify continuously
        2. Transporting the low viscosity liquid
        3. Powder and liquid mixed in proportion


        1. Three sets of rotors and stators in the working chamber
        2. The optional jacket for heating or cooling the materials
        3. Processing volume can be 1~80m³/h (taking water as  media)
        4. Working temperature can be very high
        5. 304 or 316 stainless steel is applied for contacting the materials.
        6. Conforming with sanitary requirements


        Model Power(kW) Rotation speed(rpm) Processing Voume(L/h) Feed port Discharge port
        SNRS-4 4 2900 2000 DN40 DN32
        SNRS-7.5 7.5 2900 4000 DN50 DN40
        SNRS-11 11 2900 8000 DN50 DN40
        SNRS -15 15 2900 12000 DN65 DN50
        SNRS-18.5 18.5 2900 15000 DN65 DN50
        SNRS-22 22 2900 18000 DN80 DN65
        SNRS-30 30 2900 24000 DN100 DN80
        SNRS-37 37 2900 30000 DN125 DN100
        SNRS-45 45 2900 45000 DN150 DN125
        SNRS-55 55 2900 60000 DN150 DN125

        The emulsifier brings the material into a synthetic reaction in strong mechanical and hydraulic shearing, centrifugal pressing, liquid layer friction, impacting, tearing and turbulent flow within the precise clearances between the rotor and the stator, to obtain desired dispersing, milling or emulsifying effects.

        The emulsifier is an important product of Sower single machines with stable performance. It is capable to disperse and emulsify the materials in a superfine way.