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        • 产品名称: SMA-0.75 Lab basket mill with manual lift
        • 产品编号: 2003
        • 上架时间: 2015-09-17
        • Views : 335

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        Operating Principle:
        Impeller absorbs material in high-speed→ Scattered disc rotates within high speed in order to make the effect of dispersing, mixing and circulating→ Absorbing material, grinding and the efficient circulating occurs.


        1.Promoting the circulation of material effectively.
        2.Avoiding the blind angle while the material is cycled, is able to gain the fine grinding effect in a short time.


        1. Suitable for laboratory dispersing and milling
        2. Famous brand inverter, infinite speed variation
        3. Standard grinding vessel with jacket is 2.8L and we can customize the grinding vessel according to your requirements
        4. Grinding vessel is hermetical while working. You can take sampling from sample hole at any time.
        5. Easy to clean and change materials
        6. Explosion proof options
        7. With CE & ISO 9001:2000 qualifications

        1. Motor power: 750W
        2. Power supply: 220V, 50Hz (According to customers’ requirements)
        3. Rotation Speed: 0~1440r/min
        4. Basket volume: 50ml
        5. Processing capacity: 800~5000ml(taking water as medium)
        6. Contact material: SS304 or SS316L
        7. Medium viscosity: less than 2000cps
        8. Manual lift

        This machine is wet grinding equipment for lab. It realizes high milling efficiency and fine milling effect. It is convenient to clean and remains less residual. It is widely used in wet grinding tests in factories, research institutes and universitiies,etc.and applied for small amout pre-production in the industries with high fineness requiement such as pigment,dyestuff,printing ink,ink,color paste,coating,paint,pharmaceutical and cosmetic,etc.

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