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        • 产品名称: SWFS-1100 Laboratory disperser
        • 产品编号: 1004
        • 上架时间: 2015-09-11
        • Views : 534

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        1. Light and compact structure
        2. High and stable rotation speed
        3. Stepless speed regulation and easy operation
        4. Optional vessel with clamp and jacket

        Model: SWSF-1100
        Power: 1100W
        Rotation speed: 0-8000rpm
        Processing capacity: 5-20L
        Dispersion disc diameter: 80-100mm
        Stroke: 400mm
        Weight: 50kg
        Overall dimensions: 540*510*1400

        Paint, printing ink, petrochemical, chemical industry, mining, pharmaceutical, paper making, food, water treatment, and fine chemical industry.

        The disperser is widely used in scientific experiments, production simulation and the development of new products.Additionally, it can also be used for the industrial production of medium and small batch

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