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        • 产品名称: 5L full automatic filling machine
        • 产品编号: 0138
        • 上架时间: 2015-09-29
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          A. A wide range of applications, and filling capacity from 0.5L to 5L. The operation is simple, and it can be changed into different specifications of the cover, and appropriate filling head, with pressing and screwing mechanism, it can adjust the width of guard bar, and it is able to adapt the filling of a variety of containers and various viscosity materials. Besides, it can also use powder filling head according to customer requirements to operate the filling of powder to achieve multi-usage.
          B. With fast filling speed, the speed of 5L barrel can up to 10-12 barrels/minute.
          C. With high precision.
          D. It can achieve full-automatic from emptying barrels to chain, and picking up the barrels which has been filled from the chain.
          E.  Intelligent touch screen human-computer interface, and with simple setting and operation.
          F.  External structure of filling machine uses a transparent material, it is more conducive for observation, adjustment and maintenance of operator Under the premise of aesthetic.
          G. The use of electricity, gas, PLC, touch screen, and a variety of sensors are all well-known international brands.
          H. Just need one person to operate the machine, which reduces the cost
          I. Equipment can be supported with automatic Barrel unit, labeling unit,  code unit, and packing palletizing units to make up a fully automatic filling production line according to customer requirements.
          J.The equipment is beautiful and takes up small area under the industrial design.

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