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        • 产品名称: Liquid feeding system for coatings Liquid feeding system for coatings
        • 产品编号: 147
        • 上架时间: 2015-09-28
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        More than caring about dosage feeding (Include liquid raw material, powder grain and accessories feeding) in coating complete production and finished product filling system according to on-spot condition, filling capacity and vessels' shape, we will also offer reasonable solutions supplied for coating complete production and the "turn key project".
        The equipments adopt high-automation supervision as well as solving several traditional problems such as low precision, unstable quality and difficulty in statistics management etc. to improve production quality and yield rate, the most effective methods are optimizing technical process, improving craft precision and control format during production process. Certainly these are also direct methods to low enterprise producing cost and promote core competitiveness of products themselves.
        In coating liquid raw materials, it is common for feeding large batch emulsion, solvent, additive and small batch pigment, additive, this system guarantees high precision feeding by using flow meter, weighing meter, sensor and other precise instruments, and also realizes automatic control by electromagnetic valve, conveying pump, pipeline, and PLC controlling process.

        High productivity together with reliability and flexibility is the characteristic which distinguish our plants for the industrial production of latex and water and enamel paints starting from pigmented and finished pastes kept in suitable tanks, dosing with absolute precision each component necessary for the formulation of the various coating mixtures. Concerning the large scale production accurate liquid material feeding make finish product standardization possible.

        Automated materials feeding system is a complicated control system, it's better to take a full consideration according to material characteristics, technology requirements and actual status of company. Sower's engineer will communicate with you according to your detailed information, so we can design the system with higher precision and lower cost.


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