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        • 产品名称: SWLH Plough blade mixer
        • 产品编号: 4403
        • 上架时间: 2015-09-25
        • Views : 377

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        1.The mixer is suitable for the smashing and blending of coagulated particles and material blending in complex processes such as wet granulation, dehydration and concentration, etc.
        2.It has found wide applications in the production of chemical raw materials, pigment, pharmaceutical raw materials and feeding stuff, etc.

        1. It is well-adapted to materials of different properties with a wide range of application.
        2. It is preferable when blending materials with variations in particle size and density.
        3. The rapidly rotating cutters disperse materials and smash the coagulated particles in a short time.
        4. For solid-liquid blending, distribute the liquid uniformly onto the materials during blending, which can also get a satisfactory effect.



        Model Power Volume Loading coefficient Overall dimensions Weight
        SWLH-100 3kW 100L 0.4-0.6 1780*460*750mm 430kg
        SWLH-300 4kW 300L 0.4-0.6 2450*680*1030mm 920kg
        SWLH-500 7.5kW 500L 0.4-0.6 2765*780*1150mm 1100kg
        SWLH-1000 11kW 1000L 0.4-0.6 3300*980*1400mm 1800kg
        SWLH-2000 15kW 2000L 0.4-0.6 3580*1200*1750mm 2500kg
        SWLH-3000 18.5kW 3000L 0.4-0.6 4600*1400*1950mm 3200kg
        SWLH-4000 30kW 4000L 0.4-0.6 5000*1560*2100mm 4800kg
        SWLH-5000 37kW 5000L 0.4-0.6 5240*1670*2220mm 5500kg
        SWLH-6000 45kW 6000L 0.4-0.6 5690*1730*2300mm 8700kg
        SWLH-8000 45kW 8000L 0.4-0.6 5970*1950*2600mm 9400kg
        SWLH-10000 55kW 10000L 0.4-0.6 6420*2050*2750mm 9750kg
        SWLH-12000 55kW 12000L 0.4-0.6 6860*2150*2950mm 10700kg
        SWLH-15000 75kW 15000L 0.4-0.6 7250*2370*3100mm 11000kg

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