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        • 产品名称: SFD Bottom-mounted mixing equipment
        • 产品编号: 4305
        • 上架时间: 2015-09-24
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        1.Stable operation
        2.Small noises
        3.Easy cleaning
        4.Continuous use

        1.Using our specific sealing device for mixing and dispersing the material
        2.Good sealing effect, not easy to leak
        3.No residual with material discharge
        1. Stable operation
        2. Reliable sealer facility and easy maintenance
        3. Compact structure and high transmission accuracy
        4. Explosion proof option
        5. Stirrer options: butterfly, paddle, frame, anchor, ribbon, etc.

            The mixer is an important product of Sower single machine series, used for liquid-liquid, solid-liquid, and solid-solid mixing processes.

            Sower mixing equipment series have dozens of agitators or mixing methods to choose from; Sower engineer will choose the best solution for you according to your specific material and technical requirements.

            Sower's products have the characteristics of stability, durability, economy and high efficiency. All of those are fully reflected on its mixing equipment.

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