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Product introduction


1.  Electrical lift type-----lifting the barrel

2. single dissolver +single mixer + scraper


Revolution mixing unit

1.Revolution/mixer power: 1.5kw/4P, with reducer and inverter

2. Revolution speed: 0~60rpm, adjustable

3. Mixer speed: 0~90pm, adjustable

4.Agitator type: twist agitator (customized to material), SUS304, 2 pieces


Rotation dispersing unit

1. 1.5kw/2p dissolver with inverter

2. Dissolver speed (rotation): 0-3000rpm, adjustable

3. Two discs on one dissolver’s shaft for better dispersing and mixing

4.Diameter of disc: 55mm; in SUS304




1. Size of tank: dia. 240mm×180mm; design volume: 6L; working volume: 5L.

2. Contacting part: SUS304

3. Tank is sealed to the cover with sealing ring

4. With one pair of handle


Control system:

1.MCC control cabinet: for speed adjusting, displaying and controlling of temperature, lamp, lifting unit, emergency stop, etc


Locating unit:

1. With location adjusting unit and locking unit for correct locating of tank with cover and avoiding move during mixing

2. Flanges of Cover and tank can match each other well for preciously locating of tank.


Vacuum system

1. Mixing under vacuum

2. Rotary-vane vacuum pump

3.With vacuum buffer tank and swift

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