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Product introduction

Using for emulsification and homogenization
Applicable Industries:
food, mining, paper-making, water treatment fine chemicals, cosmetic etc.


1. Mechanical seal can realize dependable vacuum or positive pressure working condition
2. We can customize the vessels and also combine the emulsifier and mixer
3. The length of emulsifier can be customized according to customers' requirements
4. Working temperature: <180℃
5. Explosion proof option

 Model Power (kW) Rotation speed (RPM) Processing volume (L)
SFRH -11 11 2900 200~800
SFRH -15 15 2900 250~1000
SFRH-18.5 18.5 2900 300~1500
SFRH -22 22 1440 400~2000
SFRH -30 30 1440 500~2500
SFRH -37 37 1440 600~300
SFRH -45 45 960 800~4000
SFRH -55 55 960 1000 ~ 5000

The emulsifier brings the material into a synthetic reaction in strong mechanical and hydraulic shearing, centrifugal pressing, liquid layer friction, impacting, tearing and turbulent flow within the precise clearances between the rotor and the stator, to obtain desired dispersing, milling or emulsifying effects.

The emulsifier is an important product of Sower single machines with stable performance. It is capable to disperse and emulsify the materials in a superfine way.

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