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Product introduction

High efficiency, Strong continuity of work
Shell, end face and main shaft are all equipped with cooling system
High uniformity & high fineness after operating

Operating Principle:
The agitator shaft activates the grinding media with high intensity through the whole grinding chamber. The highly efficient devices are suitable for product separation and grinding media, which ensures that the mill also has the capability of operating high viscous materials.
1. The conical structure improves the utilization rate of chamber, facilitates material discharge and is applicable for the materials of relatively higher viscosity.
2. The narrow particle size distribution allows repeating cyclic grinding.
3. Easy to clean: there is a discharge port under the piston, out which cleaning fluid can be discharged by gravity.
4. The pins are made of stainless steel 9Cr18Mo; their surfaces are infiltrated by tungsten carbide. The pins are all screwed on and easy for maintenance. ;.
5. The cooling water and inner pressure of the milling chamber are controlled by PLC, with temperature and pressure displays
6. Double cooling systems of inner chamber and outer jacket ensure relatively lower discharge temperature, which makes perfect cooling effect.
7. Dynamic separating discharge: to discharge between the two controlling rings while adjusting them.
8. Container type double mechanical seal
9.  A piston on the end face can be used to increase the chamber volume by 2L (namely, open the piston to maximum permissible position, the chamber volume will increase from 5L to 7L)
10. With CE & ISO 9001:2000 qualifications


 Model Power Volt Rotation speed Volume of milling chamber Processing volume Dimensions
SKWS-5 22kW 380V/50Hz 0-900r/min 5L 80-160kg/h 2000*1007*1480mm

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