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Product introduction

Operating Principle:
Impeller absorbs material in high-speed→ Scattered disc rotates within high speed in order to make the effect of dispersing, mixing and circulating→ Absorbing material, grinding and the efficient circulating occurs.

Advantages: ·
1.Combining dispersing with milling as one procedure
2.Promoting the circulation of material effectively
3.Avoiding the blind angle while the material is cycled
Applicable Industries:  
paint, ink, pigment, dyestuff, oil paint, color paste, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries

1. Suitable for medium test and industrial manufacturing
2. Explosion proof and hermetical options
3. High performance, economic, easy to clean
4. Stable lift, secure and durable structure
5. Famous brand inverter, infinite speed variation
6. Customized design to meet customers’ requirements
7. With CE & ISO 9001:2000 qualifications


 Model Power (kW) Rotation speed (rpm) Stroke (mm) Processing volume (L) Basket volume (L)
SMA -4 4 0-1440 600 40~80 2.5
SMA-5.5 5.5 0-1440 800 50~100 3
SMA-7.5 7.5 0-1440 800 60~150 3.6
SMA -11 11 0-1440 800 80~200 4.6
SMA -15 15 0-1440 800 100~300 7


1. The largest processing volume takes water as reference
2. Non-standard models available for high temperature, high pressure, explosive, inflammable, and corrosive environments.

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