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Product introduction


Sower complete plant for oil base coatings has different configurations to meet your specified requirements. As the leading manufacturer in paint equipment, we have offered various such complete plants for many multi-national coatings companies.

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We have different plants to meet your precise requirements

1 double-vessel disperser->horizontal mill->paint mixing vessel ->filtration->automatic/semi-automatic filling
Double-vessel will enhance the utility ratio of the equipment
2 double-vessel “grinding-after-dispersing basket mill”-> paint mixing vessel -> filtration->automatic/semi-automatic filling
Our patented “grinding-after-dispersing basket mill” greatly improves utility rate, efficiency with easy cleaning and conveying.
3 grinding-after-dispersing basket mill”-> filtration->automatic/semi-automatic filling
Our patented “grinding-after-dispersing basket mill” integrates dissolving, grinding and mixing in one the same container, realize hermetic production and easy conveying.


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