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Product introduction


It is composed of weighing sensor, computer control system, filling system, capping apparatus, machine frame and rolling conveyer.
Feeding pump: pressure of outlet is within 3-5kg, flux is ≥16m³/h.
1. It uses weighing type filling machine which adopts Germany technique, with high measure precision, regardless of situation of material.
2. Filling valve containing swift filling and slow filling, improving filling efficiency and precision.
3. Large measure range, adjustable among 5-30kg, measure error is less than 10 g/barrel.
4. Filling head adopts drip preventing set, non-air bubble when open lid.
5. Control feeding automatically and equip with pneumatic clamp and pneumatic capping set.


Technical parameters / model

FO 5-30L

PC quantitative filling machine

Weighing range

5-30 L

Weighing speed

80-150 barrel/h

Permissible error


Volt supply

AC220V /50Hz±2Hz

Air supply

Flow 0.3m³/min Pressure 0.4-0.6MPa

Working temperature


Power supply

200 w

Overall dimensions length×width×height

500×800×1600 mm


80 kg

Transmission distance

1500 mm

Overall dimensions length×width×height



80 kg


Overall dimensions length×width×height

400×400×1500 mm

Capping machine


60 kg

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