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Product introduction


Common applied before finishing product packing, and can offer various solutions in liquid, ointment and powder filling.
1. Liquids
Mainly applied in lotion, coating, care solution, oral take, hair protection lotion, disinfection liquid, hand washing lotion, skin lotion, make-up foundation lotion, antifreeze, shampoo, eye drop, nutrition lotion, injection, pesticide, perfume, edible oil, lubricant, etc.
2. Ointment
Mainly applied in:
Pharmacy (gynecology, erythrocin, antifreeze cream, etc)
Daily chemical (toothpaste, shoeshine, lipstick, etc)
Foodstuff (sesame sauce, ketchup, cream, etc)
Chemical industry (seal glue, white latex, etc)
3. Powder
Special design for powder weighing and packing, vibration feeding and electronic weighing overcomes the fault caused by material density variation. Applicable for feedstuff, additive, washing powder, salt, sugar, seeds, rice, etc.
Sower’s filling machine derived from high technology integrates simple structure, perfect precision and easy operation together.

1. Reasonable design, smart feature, vertical structure, small occupation.
2. Electromagnetic control valve for high precision.
3. Adjustable filling volume and speed.


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