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Product introduction


The characteristic of printing ink is high viscosity. The factory and whole set of equipments need to be explosion proof. Different kinds of printing ink will be applied to different combinations of mixing modes. Sower can provide customized printing ink complete plant according customers' requirements.


1. Kinds of pigments and auxiliaries measured in different methods are conveyed into intermediate container or mixing vessel in an order.
2. Powder will be measured first and then conveyed to the mixing vessel by pneumatic lift method.
3. According to different materials and technological requirements, mixing vessel is composed of different combination of disperser and anchor mixing equipment.
4. Some kinds of printing ink will be milled to become final products after preliminary processing. In the milling process, Sower provides sand mill and three rolls mill for customers.
5. The final procedure is filling, lid-pressing and sealing by fully-automatic or semi-automatic filling machine.

Made according to customers' requirements

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