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Product introduction


Sower provides the overall solutions for powder conveying, feeding, dosing and packaging.
Sower has provided perfect solutions for different fields that need powder conveying, such as coatings, printing ink, dry powder mortar, mining, metallurgy and rubber. The solutions realize full automatic production with environmental-friendly type and high efficiency. For Sower’s national-leading pneumatic conveying technique, such as “Process”, the famous British professional journal has published this technical achievement.
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 Our service area

    Providing customized powder conveying solutions compatible with your temporary equipment and plant layout
    Providing full automatic & hermetical chemical production line, powder conveying systems are included.
    Providing powder feeding & conveying systems for your new plant.

Your practical demand might be as follows:
1. Some powders requires a large feeding quantity and high speed of conveying
2. Residue and block within pipes
3. Feeding of multiple powders with flexibility
4. Convenient dosing with high accuracy
5. Convenient cleaning and maintenance of powder conveying devices
6. Eliminate dust spray and pollution
… …
These are our six main systems of powder solution to meet with your practical demand:
Feeding & storage system
Distribution & dosing system
Conveying & re-distribution system
Powder packaging system
Dedusting & recovery system
Automatic control system

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