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Product introduction


The complete plant integrates the following functions and patented technics: automatic vacuum material feeding, electronic dosing, PLC automatic control over production process, multipoint control, auto-stored formulas and self-locking at mis-operation.


The plant is characterized of “high intelligence, high efficiency, and super fineness”.
1. Applicable to large scale production
2. Different configurations based on techniques and yields.
3. The designed annual output of water borne coatings can range from 1,000T to 100,000T.
4. Use superfine basket mill for dispersing and particle size reduction with high efficiency, good fineness, convenient washing and lesser residue.
5. Vacuum material feeding, dispersing, grinding& particle size reduction, cooling, blending, filtering and semi-automatic filling can be fulfilled on one the same plant.
6. Intensive procedures enable easy management and reduce human error.
7. The plant can be manufactured as per your practical demand.
We can offer full-automatic equipment with following functions: automatic dosing, on-line detection, automatic control by computer and electric control valves.

Hardware and software

1. Industrial computer & touch screen: industrial work station of famous brand is selected as host computer for reliability of control systems.
2. Weighing sensor, flow meter and instruments: weighing sensor has good accuracy, stability, quick response and durability, it performs accurate weighing in procedures like feeding and blending, the results will be displayed on touch screen or PC, preventing human errors while improving product quality. The flow meters can accurately dose liquid fed.
3. Programmable logic controller (PLC): PLC and analog input modules apply international famous brands. It has processing unit as the core with neat structures, strong anti-interference abilities as well as great reliability and stability.
4. Operation platform and electric cabinet
5. Project management and services: our project managers will take responsibility of the plant to ensure regular working and timely maintenance.


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