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Product introduction

Sower complete plant for water borne coatings has different configurations to meet your specific requirements. Sower is the first company in China to design and manufacture automatic equipment for water borne coatings production. We have offered various such complete plants for many multi-national coatings companies. You are welcome to send E-mails or call us for more details.


1. Hermetic production with safety and environment friendliness.
2. Full automatic procedures from material feeding to product filling.
3. Developed design, reasonable structures and high utility ratio.
4. It can produce multiple coatings like stone varnish, flexibility nap paint, etc.

Control through PLC Program

Equipment and piping, automatic or manual button, valves, motor buttons, etc. are arranged according to the plant situation; In automatic mode, ideal products are to be produced according to the procedures set by the production process; in manual mode, the operator to control every step of the solenoid valves and motor, which eases use and maintenance;
Parameter setting and display: parameter setting includes setting the mixing time, speed, weighing and liquid measurement; parameter display reads temperature, pressure, liquid level and liquid measurement;

Parameter storage: production process of each produced product is stored into the storage system, and saved as product formulation information; this formula can be easily transferred to the current production when it comes to produce similar product, thus to reduce time waste in commissioning and to improve production efficiency;
Historical data: used to detect the measured values ​​and record values​​;
Alarm data: to record historical alarms;

Fault display: real-time display of the possibility of failure, from which the maintenance personnel can query the solution and remove the failure through the system help button. To view the history of failure is also possible, which is very convenient for the maintenance of the equipment.

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