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Product introduction

The multi-functional three shaft mixing vessel is a union structure composed of high shear mixer, high speed disperser and special anchor mixing equipment with scraper
1.Being suitable for mixing and dispersing high viscosity and thixotropic materials
2.It is widely applied in industries such as paint, pesticide, plastic, food and so on
3.Rotation speed of each disperser and mixer can be controlled in order to meet processing requirements for different materials


1. Frequency control
2. The scraper removes materials adhering to the inwall so that materials can be efficiently mixed, dissolved and dispersed
3. It combines low speed mixing with high speed dispersing
4. Suitable for wide range of viscosity
5. It can be vacuumized, heated and cooled
6. Easy feeding, discharging and cleaning


Model Power Volume Vacuum degree
SWDGN / SDJ 380V  50Hz/60Hz 50-10000L ≤ -0.08 mpa

The mixer is an important product of Sower single machine series, used for liquid-liquid, solid-liquid, and solid-solid mixing processes.

Sower mixing equipment series have dozens of agitators or mixing methods to choose from; Sower engineer will choose the best solution for you according to your specific material and technical requirements.

Sower's products have the characteristics of stability, durability, economy and high efficiency. All of those are fully reflected on its mixing equipment.

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