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Sauvage can provide you with customized stirred tanks for various purposes, including accelerating chemical reactions, mixing materials, preventing material precipitation, and enhancing heat transfer
The three - axle mixer is composed of high shear emulsifier, high speed disperser and special anchor mixer. Due to the process of mixing and dispersing, it is suitable for mixing, dissolution, dispers
We have rich experience in non-standard design in various application fields, and we can provide you with equipment that really suits your needs. We can design and manufacture the three-axis
Hanging wall board can be installed to assist mixing of materials with higher viscosity. Applicable to chemical, pesticide, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, pharmacy, food, coating and other industrie
The equipment has stable operation, low noise, convenient cleaning, continuous use and dispersing and stirring of materials. With our patented sealing device, the sealing effect is good
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