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Complete set of oil grease production line



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Complete set of oil grease production line

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Chasowa has been successful for many customers with different USES synthesis of complete sets of equipment, complete sets of equipment lubricating oil and grease can according to customer's basic process refining the perfect package production process, production line, detailed design, to provide complete sets of equipment and installation and debugging services, including the terminal storage tank. The non-standard chasowa mixing design capabilities and system integration capabilities, to ensure the chasowa can provide you with suitable process you need, your temperature range, mixing effect, sealing indicators, such as lubricating oil factory provide strong help for you.

The process is briefly

1. Raw materials (one or several types) are stored in outdoor storage tanks, which are measured by the flow meter through the diaphragm pump and injected into the stirred tank.

2. The heat conducting oil is heated by boiler and continuously circulates. The reactor is heated through coil tube.

3. Through frequency conversion and speed adjustment, the stirring blade can fully mix the materials at the appropriate speed.

4. The final product comes out through the bottom discharge port and filtered back, and is weighed and filled.

Note: if necessary, add vacuum degassing and degassing.


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