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Complete equipment for production of glue and adhesive



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Complete equipment for production of glue and adhesive

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Sauvage's non-standard design capability for stirred tank ensures the maturity and reliability of complete set of adhesive equipment. We have provided 8 sets of complete equipment of adhesive for a multinational company in China (including a mixer with a capacity of 7000L), as well as dozens of single machine equipment such as mixer and disperser, and we are continuing to design and manufacture new equipment for them. Accurate control of temperature, mass of powder conveying, mixing the choice of the form of transportation, processing, high viscosity material is the difficulty of design, chasowa collaborative design with the engineer for many years of experience to ensure the chasowa adhesive ability of complete sets of equipment design mature and reliable, and can provide for you in need of adhesive complete sets of equipment.

The process is briefly

There are many kinds of adhesive according to different USES, and the process process is different. Take a certain equipment designed by sauvage for an American company as an example:

1. Add solvent and high viscosity solvent.

2. Deliver a ton or so of powder to the stirred tank in a few minutes through air flow.

3. The three-axis mixer, which consists of two layers of dispersing, three layers of impeller type axial flow, and the anchor type mixing slurry with wall hanging and screw belt, processes the material under the protection of temperature control system and pressure nitrogen.

4. Material is released from the discharging port and filtered.

5. The product is finished through semi-automatic filling machine filling, sealing and labeling.


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