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Graphene production equipment

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Chasowa can provide customers with magnetic materials, photographic materials, lithium batteries, lithium battery electrode materials and electrolyte electronic industrial coatings, resin, sealants, chemicals, printing material graphene (chemical method), high purity chemical information and electronic chemicals such as complete sets of production equipment and device design, manufacturing and system integration. Graphene is a new type of two-dimensional carbon nanometer material. Due to its characteristics such as ultra-thin, ultra-strength and high conductivity, it has a wide application prospect in the fields of battery, sensor, coating and super capacitor. The application of graphene powder in the production of related enterprises can increase the output value by nearly 10 times, and greatly improve the performance of traditional materials and their adaptability to different environments. The low-cost scale manufacturing technology developed by sauvage independently takes the lead in the production of multi-layer graphene by adopting the intercalation stripping process, realizing the low-cost production of high-quality graphene and laying a solid foundation for building high-end material industry.


Complete set of equipment for production of graphene according to customer material characteristics and process requirements.

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