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Product introduction

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External coil reactor

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Product introduction

Stable operation, low noise, convenient cleaning, continuous use, dispersing and stirring materials; This set of equipment adopts the sealing device patented by our company, which has good sealing effect and is not easy to leak. It is used for the equipment with too many structures inside the kettle or too many holes on the kettle. We have rich experience in non-standard design in various application fields, and we can provide you with equipment that really suits your needs.


Product features

1. Stable and reliable operation with low noise;

2. Sustainable use and energy saving;

3. Compact structure, high transmission accuracy and strong bearing capacity;

4. Convenient installation and disassembly;

5. Explosion-proof performance and various power and transmission forms can be selected according to the requirements;

6. Mixing form is optional: sawtooth type, blade type, frame type, propulsion type, etc.;


1. External coil/half coil structure can be adopted for heating and cooling;

2. Material: 304 and 316L for selection;

3. Heating methods of the reactor include steam, heat conducting oil, etc

4. Mixing type includes anchor type, frame type and paddle type, etc.;

5. Driving mechanism can adopt cycloidal needle wheel reducer, stepless speed change, reducer, etc.;

6. The stirring device is mechanical stirring, and the stirring device is sealed with hygienic mechanical seal;

7. The equipment is equipped with CIP cleaning ball, sight mirror, cleaning manhole and other devices, and chuck type interface;

8. Design and manufacture according to the process requirements of users to meet the process requirements of different working environments, such as acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance;

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