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5L Laboratory planetary agitator

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Structure type:


1. Hydraulic elevator type of working table

2. Single dispersing axle + single stirring axle + scraping wall.


Rotary stirring system:


1. Power of revolution/stirring motor: 1.5kw /4P; Matching cycloid gear reducer, frequency converter

2. Planetary revolution speed: 0~60rpm, adjustable.

3. Mixing shaft/mixing slurry speed: 0~90pm, adjustable.

4. Selection of mixing slurry: spiral twist type (customized according to material characteristics), SUS304 material.


Autobiography decentralized system:


1. 1.5kw /2P dispersion motor and frequency converter:

2. Dispersion speed (rotation) : speed: 0~3000 RPM, adjustable

3. One dispersing shaft and two dispersing disks shall be installed to ensure better dispersing/stirring

4, scattered disk Φ 55 mm in diameter, Material SUS304 stainless steel


Stirring volume:


1. Specifications of stirring barrel: Dia. 240mm x 180mm; Design volume: 6L; Effective volume: 5L.

2. Inner bladder material: SUS304;

3. The upper flange plane of the stirring barrel and the upper barrel body are sealed through the sealing ring;

4. A pair of lifting hands.


Electronic control system:


Power distribution cabinet: frequency control, temperature display (control), spotlights, lifting, emergency stop and other functions of the equipment are displayed and operated on the power distribution cabinet.


Positioning system:


1. With positioning adjusting device and locking device, the stirring barrel and upper barrel can be accurately positioned and rotation can be prevented.

2. The positioning stop of the flange under the upper barrel body should be precisely matched with the mixing tank to ensure the reasonable position of the mixing tank and accurate positioning.


Vacuum system


1. The stirring and dispersing process can be carried out in a vacuum state

2. Rotary vane vacuum pump.

3. With vacuum buffer tank and switch.



The mixing slurry and a plurality of serrated dispersing plates mounted on the high-speed dispersing shaft make both rotation and revolution. At the same time, combined with the low-clearance design of the mixing slurry, there is no dead Angle, the low-speed mixing paddle has strong kneading interference motion and up/down/right circular motion, as well as the high-speed shear and dispersing action of the dispersing disk, so as to ensure that the materials are fully dispersed and mixed without deposition.


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