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Stirred tank

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Product introduction


Sauvage can provide you with customized stirred tanks for various purposes, including accelerating chemical reactions, mixing materials, preventing material precipitation, and enhancing heat transfer efficiency.

Over the years, sauvage has exported large quantities of stirred tank in various industries and USES to countries including Germany, Britain and the United States, and accumulated a lot of experience in designing stirred tank.


Product features


1. Various mixing forms can be customized according to customer requirements, and different mixing forms can be combined;

2. Various types of heat exchangers can be customized according to customer requirements, including clamps, coils, electric heating, steam heating and heat conducting oil heating;

3. Optional explosion-proof performance, sealing performance, positive pressure or negative pressure in the kettle;

4. Accumulated rich industry experience due to a large number of design, manufacturing and sale of non-standard stirred tank, and gained a better understanding of customer demands;


Non-standard customized services can be provided according to customer requirements:

1. Mixing type includes anchor type, frame type, paddle type and propulsion type, with wall scraping;

2. Driving mechanism can adopt cycloidal needle wheel reducer, stepless speed change, reducer, etc.;

3. The stirring device is mechanical stirring, and the stirring device can be sealed with hygienic mechanical seal;

4. Material of stainless steel reaction kettle: 304 and 316L are available for selection

5. Single layer, sandwich structure, outer coil and inner coil structure can be adopted

6. The heating methods of the reactor include steam, electric heating, heat conducting oil, etc.; The insulation is made of polyurethane or pearl cotton.

7. The external surface of the reactor is matte or polished with mirror surface, and the internal surface is polished with mirror surface;

8. The equipment is equipped with CIP cleaning ball, sight mirror, cleaning manhole and other devices, and chuck type interface;

9. Design and manufacture according to the process requirements of users to meet the process requirements of different working environments, such as acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance;

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