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Liquid automatic coating system

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Sauvage can not only provide the automatic feeding and batching system (including liquid raw material, powder particle and small auxiliary material) for the whole coating production line, but also provide the automatic filling system in the later stage according to the requirements of customers. At the same time, sauvage can also provide reasonable solution and turnkey project for large-scale coating production line.


In coating liquid raw materials, mass emulsion, solvent, auxiliaries and small-batch color paste, auxiliaries, etc. are very common. This system ensures the high accuracy of the feeding process through the use of precision instruments such as flowmeter, weighing instrument and sensor. At the same time, through the electromagnetic valve, the transfer pump and the pipeline system coordination, through the PLC control, the realization of the control process automation.


High output, reliable and flexible feeding system enables us to stand out in industries such as emulsioni paint, paint and enamel, from pigment pulping to accurate measurement, through mastering various batching techniques and accurately configuring containers, to achieve accurate fluid measurement in mass production, and to make the products conform to the specified standards to the maximum extent. Due to the application of mass production, the introduction of accurate measurement liquid feeding system ensures the stability of product quality and the repeatability of product reproduction.


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