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Product introduction

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SZL type self-cleaning filter

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Product introduction

The self-cleaning filter not only has the filtering function of ordinary filter, but also has the self-cleaning function. It has a long service life and does not need to stop for cleaning. Unfiltered liquid from top to bottom, from inside the filter to filter out, solid particles trapped in a mesh surface, driven by the cylinder scraping plate of the up and down movement of periodic or continuous, residue was to collect at the bottom of the chamber, the high concentration after discharge on a regular basis. Can also be equipped with the United States imported pneumatic or electric diaphragm pump gear pump, gear on the cart, can move to production line for continuous work.


Product features

1. Effectively remove impurities and ensure the filtration accuracy. The pressure difference in the filter barrel is low and unchanged, which is more suitable for high-viscosity materials;

2. Permanent filter core, no manual maintenance, no one-time filter bag replacement, manual operation and environmental treatment costs;

3. Fully closed continuous online filtration to reduce product pollution and increase output;

4. Extremely short slag discharge time (less than 1 second), small discharge volume and reduce product loss;

5. Quieter, safe and environmentally friendly operating environment;

6. Short return cycle;


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