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SGX type filter car system

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Product introduction

The quick release pneumatic diaphragm pump filter consists of a stainless steel standard type filter, the original pneumatic diaphragm pump imported from the United States, air source two-piece, single air control valve, which is installed on the trolley and can be moved to any production line. Complete with the filling machine, a complete filter and filling line can be formed in the automatic state. Also can directly filter to the storage tank, mainly applicable to paint, ink, various coatings, resins, petroleum products, medical supplies, chemicals, cosmetics, textile supplies, photosensitive chemicals, hot solvents, industrial water, electroplating solution, milk, mineral water, juice, vegetable oil and other media filtration.

Product features:

1. Extremely low shear force, suitable for unstable materials;

2. Compressed air as power, suitable for medium and high viscosity materials;

3. No electric spark is generated, meeting the explosion-proof requirements;


Non-standard customized service can be provided according to customer requirements

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