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FO 3-10 paste filler

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Purpose and performance

FO 3-10ml filling machine is a special product for injection filling container developed by our company. This machine is mainly used for quantitative filling of small amount of ointment. This product is controlled by valve, directly pressurizes the feed to the filling container, through locking the volume of the filling container chamber, achieves the quantitative filling purpose, has good consistency, is suitable for medicine, daily chemical, chemical and other fields many varieties small batch packing form is the injection product filling. For example: daily cream, food and beverage, chemical pigments and other industries quantitative filling.

The machine has high filling accuracy, quick disassembly and cleaning convenience, compact appearance and compact structure. All parts in contact with materials are made of high quality stainless steel, pressurized hopper and equipped with safety valve, which can be used for paste, glue and liquid. It is an ideal, practical and economical filling equipment for pharmaceutical, daily chemical and fine chemical industries.

Product features

The measuring mechanism adopts the plunger mode with accurate pouring amount and the measuring error is less than 1%.

Easy to adjust the amount of filling and easy to operate.

It is simple, practical, reliable and beautiful.

The whole structure adopts quick loading, which is convenient for cleaning.



FO 3-10ml

Air pressure


Air consumption

0.1-0.2 M3/h

Production capacity

10-30 tube/min

Filling range




Overall dimensions


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